(8) Networked Engineering / Design stations
Autocad Amada Laser/Punching Software
Pro/Engineer Metal Soft 3D Unfolder
Solidworks Metal Soft Fabriwin
( Please E-Mail your Pro/E, Solidworks, IGES & DXF Files, Thank you )


The AMADA APELIO 357 is a 1500 Watt CO/2 Laser combined with a 58 Station Turret Punch Press.
This machine runs 24 hours, seven days a week and only stops for a duplicate 58 tool
exchange at 2pm each Friday


MAZAK X48 SUPER TURBO CHARGED LASER is a 2000watt CO/2 Laser cutting system. It can load and unload it self round the clock. It can handle various materials ranging from .029 thin sheet (22 gauge) to .625 thick plate (5/8”) automatically.


(1) Amada LC F-1 series 4000 watt Co2 Laser, with 3-Axis Linear Motors and an
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autoloader to process multiple jobs incorporating different materials.
This is a very powerful laser that can cut material from .003” to 1.00” thick steel
(1) MITSUBISHI 3000 Watt CO/2 Laser; 60” x 120” x 18” 3D work area allows
Thickness from .001 foil to .750 thick plate or tubes cans and boxes 18” tall.
(1) AMADA LCE655-1500 Watt CO/2 Laser; 50” x 50” x 4” up to 100” with repositioning.
These machines are ideal for small lot, quick turn prototype work or secondary operations.
Thickness ranges from .003 shim stock to .250 thick plate
(1) Hypertherm Hi Definition PLASMA 60” x 120” x 6”
Thickness capability 1.000 thick plate. ( good for large frame building ).


(1) AMADA VIPROS KING 358 30 tons 50” x 80” up to 160” with repositioning. 4 auto index stations.
(2) AMADA VIPROS 255 20 tons 50” x 50” up to 100” with repositioning.
The need for speed is what Amada had in mind on the 255 & 358 when they designed these machines.
They are perfect for hole intensive precision work. (perforating).
Material loading and unloading systems make these machines ideal for those high run quantities.
(1) AMADA PEGA 345 30 tons 40” x 50” up to 100” with repositioning.
A proven Amada work horse day in day out.
All of the above machines feature Thick turrets. This means better hole location and consistent quality for you.
Also features Air Blow tooling which provides self-lubrication through long running jobs to ensure hole quality.
Auto index stations on all machines mean less tools needed for cut-outs. Fewer tools = less setup cost to you.
(1) Strippit 30/30 24” x 48” table for prototype work.
(2) Roussell 3G with PRT 18” x 36” tables for prototype work.
(3) Roper Whitney Presses 12” x 24” tables for thin prototype work.


(2) AMADA ASTRO 100’S 100 TONS 120” LONG
(2) AMADA fx a 111 100 TONS 120” LONG
(1) AMADA RG 150 ton and 14 feet long
(2) AMADA RG 80 ton and 8 feet long
(3) AMADA RG 50 ton and 6 feet long
(4) AMADA RG 35 ton and 4 feet long
(1) AMADA SPH 30 ton and 18” long for those special small jobs.
(2) MITSUBISHI 18 ton and 18” long for those fine and precise jobs.
(1) MITSUBISHI 6 ton and 6” long for those miniature precise jobs.
(1) DI-ACRO 150 hydro mechanical 150 ton press brake 10 feet long
(1) DI-ACRO 35 hydro mechanical 35 ton press brake 6 feet long
(2) DI-ACRO 18 hydro mechanical 18 ton press brake 4 feet long
(1) CHICAGO 25 mechanical 25 ton press brake 6 feet long
(1) VERSON 25 mechanical 25 ton press brake 6 feet long
(1) VERSON 15 mechanical 15 ton press brake 4 feet long
(1) RACE “Programmable, 5-axis Auto-back gauge” this machine is in our prototype shop.

It never needs to have tools changed; just moves from one side to the other. It is quick and intelligent and perfect for short run precision parts.


(1) SUPER BROWN COLD CUTTING precision saws with digital readout position stops
(1) AMADA HDA-250 NC Automatic Bandsaw Cutting Capacity 14”x 14”x 120”
(1) Wellsaw W20 Vertical Saw 24” throat depth
(1) Jet Vertical saw 36” throat depth
(1) Super Max Saw Horizontal Saw
(1) Rockwell Power-Matic Table Saw (Carbide Blades) for cutting aluminum plate plastic and phenolic


(2) Cincinatti Milacron CNC Vertical Machining Center 22 tools 24”x 48”x 24”
(1) Bridgeport-Romi CNC Turning lathe 8”
(2) Clausing engine lathes 12”
(6) Bridgeport Vertical Milling Machines
(5) Floor-Mt. Drill Presses 1/2 Capacity
(10) Table Drill Presses 1/2 Capacity


(13) Heager Hydraulic Hardware Insertion machines
(1) 20hp Compressor ( Piston type) Back up Compressor
(2) 40hp Identical Compressors (Screw type) one is a Back up Compressor
(1) 50hp Compressor (Screw type)
(3) 5000 watt generators
(4) 2 hp Compressors (piston type)
(3) U.S. Amada Automatic Tool Sharpener, to keep our tools ready for action.


(1) MOTOMAN / HOBART “5 axis Robotic” Welding System
This machine helps to keep us from experiencing a common bottle neck on any shop floor.


(5) Miller-Matic 35 (Mig Welder)
(5) Miller Gold Star 300 (Tig Welder)
(6) Miller 351 (Tig Welder)
(6) Miller CP-200 (Mig Welder)


(2) Sciakey 150-KVA Spotwelder / these machines are perfect for welding aluminum to military standards.
(1) Stryco 75-KVA Spotwelder / this machine can weld aluminum along with steel and stainless steel.
(1) Banner 50-KVA Spotwelder / this machine can weld thin aluminum along with steel and stainless steel.
(1) Amada 70-KVA Panel Spotwelder /this machine is perfect of welding long cosmetic door panels.
(2) Amada Electronic Studwelders / these machines are used primarily for stainless products


(4) A.E.M. 37” Wet Finishing Grainer– this machine is perfect for a polished stainless steel finish.
(1) A.E.M. 37” Finishing Grainer w/Dust collector system
(1) A.E.M. 24” Finishing Grainer w/Dust collector system
(2) Grindmaster 37” Fininshing Grainers w/Dust collector systems


(1) 70 Cubic Foot Vibratory Finisher/ Good for high volume work or heavy plate work or parts 192” long! (192 inches in length is not a typo)
(2) 40 Cubic Foot Vibratory Bowl Finishers/ Good for brackets and small chassis work.
(1) 18 Cubic Foot Vibratory Bowl Finisher/ Good for small brackets
(4) 4 Cubic Foot Vibratory Mobile Finishers/ Good for individual jobs coming off a press a brake.
(6) Burr King Int’l Edge Finishers/ These machines remove the sharp punched edges from the CNC’s
(7) Custom Made Deburring stations
Plus Misc. Hand Tools, Grinders Vibrators, Etc.


(2) 8’ x 8’ x 8’ CLASS “A” Spray Booths, completely self enclosed.
(2) 10’ x 10’ x 7’ Spray Booth
(1) 20’ x 10’ x 8’ Spray Booth
(1) 10’ x 10’ x 7’ Spray Booth (Powder Paint)
(1) 2,500,000 BTU Oven (20’x12’x 8’) Great for baking large frames and cabinets
(1) 500,000 BTU Oven (12’ x 8’ x 12’) Flow through ovens.
(1) 500,000 BTU Oven (10’ x 8’ x 10’)
Complete Masking and Wrapping Facilities, Iron Phosphate, and Rinse Tanks, Etc.
Presently applying Hi-solids, water borne and Powder Coating materials.


Full Capabilities from creating and shooting our own artwork and screens 24” x 48” Panel Capacity